DeFiato sells out entire first-round private token sale

DeFiato, the next-generation mainstream fintech platform for Decentralised  Finance,  has  successfully  completed  the  first  round  of  its  private  token  sale. Token buyers include funds from CRC Capital, Dao Maker, Double Peak Group, Dweb3 Capital , 7O’Clock  Capital,  and  Mirana  Ventures,  a  venture  partner  of  Bybit  and  BitDAO.  This  strategic token sale round was conducted on the basis of accelerating business development and user growth for the platform. DeFiato aims to bring  their services  to mainstream  users  without  the  technical barriers  and financial risks associated with other decentralised platforms. With its easy-to-use proprietary technology such as One-Click-To-Farm, combined with fiat access and exchange-grade security, DeFiato targets the next trillion dollars in mainstream adoption. The  current  process  of  accessing  decentralised  finance  is  a  long,  and  complex  one,  with multiple parties involved: With  DeFiato,  users  can  choose  to  deposit  fiat  or  cryptocurrency  safely  and  gain  access  to hundreds  of  defi  services  without  needing  to  navigate  the  complex  and  risky  process  of deposits, withdrawals, swaps and bridges. DeFiato  streamlines  the  entire  process  with  its  aggregated,  centralised  system  and  allows end-users  to  swap,  stake,  provide  and  even  farm  crypto  with  just  one  click.   Using  DeFiato removes  human  errors  or  security  compromises  on  the  user  end  as  they  carry  out  this oftentimes cumbersome process. DeFiato  currently  supports  the  native  token  products  on  multiple  Ethereum  Virtual  Machine (EVM)  chains,  such  as  Ethereum,  Binance  Smart  Chain  (BSC),  Polygon  and  Avalanche,  with Solana soon to be onboarded.  DeFiato has no limit to the blockchains or types of products it can support, making it a leading cross-chain aggregator.  It also provides an identified and verified (KYC,  Know-Your-Customer)  approach  for  users  to  seamlessly  interact  with  decentralised finance directly from fiat, and vice-versa. Built from the ground up with an emphasis on security and cutting edge custody that secures funds   in   a   way   that   DeFiato   users   cannot   achieve   on   their   own,   or   through   other platforms.    Since  its  launch  in  December  2020,  DeFiato  has  onboarded  more  than  80,000 registered users and 15,000 verified (KYC’d) international users on its platform. This milestone validates the significant demand for its present and future products. “With  the  quick  completion  of  the  first  private  token  sale  round,  we  are  encouraged  by  the positivity  and  support  behind  our  mission,”  says  Dr  William  H.  Nguyen,  CEO  and  Founder  of DeFiato.  “DeFiato aims to actively develop real world products that will bring about structural change to move the entire DeFi industry forward.   The quick uptake on DeFiato and our token sales has reemphasised the importance of our mission, to fill the gaps in the industry, and to fulfil real and present demand for such services in this new industry.” DeFiato is conducting an ongoing token sale with its native utility token expected to launch in December 2021. This token will be used primarily for payment of fees within the platform, and users can look forward to significant cost savings when using the token.  Users will also be able to look forward to using the DeFiato app, soon to be launched on Google Play and Apple App Store, as well as 5 more blockchains and hundreds of services, by end 2021.  
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