LAGOS, Nigeria; 6th March 2018


Foremost web hosting and design service provider, Whogohost has launched a grassroots campaign for small business dubbed, #TakeitOnline.

The one-month campaign offers business owners the opportunity to get high quality, multifunctional websites designed at 50% off the regular Whogohost price.

Since beginning operations in 2006, Whogohost has successfully helped over 50,000 Nigerian small business develop a web presence and grow their revenues by building and designing cost-effective websites and providing affordable web hosting services.

These businesses have been enabled to plug into the estimated 88% growth in sales revenue that results from having an attractive and useful website.

Speaking on the #TakeitOnline campaign, CEO Whogohost, Toba Obaniyi said, “It is difficult to overstate just how useful it is to have a website for small businesses, particularly in an economy like ours where internet penetration is booming. Nowadays having a website is even more important in some cases than having a physical business location. It’s not even just to have a social media presence alone, because that places your visibility to customers at the mercy of Instagram or Facebook or any other social platform. At Whogohost, we understand that SMEs are the bedrock of any economy, and our strategy is to enable them to come online and connect with more customers and sales using their own native web platforms that they can control.”

Obaniyi added, “#TakeitOnline is something we came up with which has the goal of encouraging small businesses to finally take that step and go online. We are reading in the papers now that Nigeria’s economy is out of recession and it is starting to rebound, but if as a business owner you are not online, then you are restricted to a geographical area in terms of customers who know about you, and so the effects of this economic recovery may take longer to reach you. With #TakeitOnline, you can now finally get online once and for all and take advantage of our world class website building, design and hosting services.”

The Whogohost #TakeitOnline campaign will run from March 5th to 31st, 2018, and is available to all individuals and business owners in Nigeria. Whogohost is a provider of web building, design and shared hosting services in Nigeria. It operates with the goal of enabling Nigerian SMEs to build an effective but inexpensive web presence. Through deployment of aesthetically pleasing and functional websites which are hosting on shared infrastructure instead of standalone silos, Whogohost provides small businesses in Nigeria with a cost-effective way to expand their brand awareness and sales revenue through their native online platforms.

For more information about Whogohost and to learn more about #TakeitOnline, visit


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