LAGOS, Nigeria; 20 November 2017


In a continued fight to put an end to Gender Based Violence, the Women at Risk International Foundation held a second training session for the traditional birth attendants in Lagos, Nigeria. The Gatekeepers Project was recently launched this October at the Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Ikeja with the aim of curbing and eventually eliminating this societal menace of Gender based violence.

Amongst the materials given to the TBA’s were, detailed handbooks containing extensive information
on how to manage incidents or the signs to look out for in a woman they suspect is being abused. Lastly and most importantly were the logbooks which aid in documenting incidents of GBV they come across, and on a weekly basis this information is collected by WARIF. Some of the Local Government Areas present in the training included Alimosho, Ikorodu, Mushin, etc.

Through sensitization workshops, e-learning forums and monthly meetings WARIF in collaboration with the ACT Foundation are working towards reducing gender based violence by a minimum of 30% and also increasing the reporting rate from an alarming 0% to 95%. These training sessions focus on recognizing, managing and collecting data on incidences of sexual assault, rape and other forms of GBV in peri-rural areas.

The Gatekeepers Project, by WARIF and the ACT foundation, was launched with approval of the Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board. It’s main aim of empower and equip the TBA’s with the necessary skill set required in providing basic first responder assistance and psycho-social counseling for the GBV survivors who they may come across.


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