LAGOS, Nigeria; 12 March 2018



If you’ve grown weary of watching Nollywood movies with poor storylines that never match the hype, this movie comes to the rescue. ‘Just Before I Do’ is a yard apart from your regular Nollywood movie with its unique storyline, plot twist, suspense and effective characterisation.

The story wraps around a conniving mother-in-law who engineers all the mayhem an unmarried couple experience, all without a trace.

‘Just Before I Do’ is produced by Omilani Oluyinka, a filmmaker who has been directing stage plays at Muson Center and other locations across the country but decided to go beyond stage and move into our screens with a blockbuster. Having directed many stage plays with limited audience, it became imperative that to reach a larger base with a message, the screen is the way to go.

BTS pictures from the just concluded production have been released online while the teaser, trailer, movie poster and more will follow shortly.

‘Just Before I Do’ will hit cinemas from April 13.

Watch the trailer here:


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