by Damilola Ojo



Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 interesting ways working mothers can travel with ease.

Stay in touch

With recent inventions in communication like Whatsapp, Video Calls (e.g. Facetime etc.) and so on, there are now so many great tools for working mothers to stay connected with their families while working. Using Facetime, Whatsapp Voice and Video Calls etc., are great ways to stay connected with your family as a working mother and ease some of the burden (and guilt) of having to leave your family for a bit because of work.

Have a good support system

There is nothing that eases the burden and stress of having to travel for a mother, like having a supportive spouse. It’s basically all about figuring out each other’s schedules and working around it. The best part about this is that it also gives your children time to bond and improve their relationship with their father. Also, having great friends and relatives can also be very helpful. They can always help out in babysitting or taking care of your children during your period of absence.

Plan a coming-home activity

Plan exciting coming-home activities with your children so they have something to look forward to when you return. Now, rather than your children focusing on the times you are not there with them, they can focus instead on how much fun they are going to have with you on your arrival and have something positive to look forward to.

Bring your children along

If you’re feeling guilty about being away from your children, there is always the option of bringing them along if they’re on vacation. However, this option works best if you can, of course, afford it and if you’ll be traveling to a place where you can have family and friends nearby. This way, your children can always have fun playing with family and friends for the times you’ll be too busy with work to play with them. Nevertheless, try as much as you can to spend some quality time with your children so the trip won’t end up being all about work.


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