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Senegalese President, Macky Sall launches new book ‘Le Sénégal au Cœur’

Senegalese President, Macky Sall launches new book ‘Le Sénégal au Cœur’

His Excellency, Mr.Macky Sall, President of the Republic of Senegal today presents his book, ‘Le Sénégal au Cœur’ to the press at The Terrou Bi hotel in Dakar. The book is based on his character-defining experiences from childhood to being in the many positions of leadership that led to him to be the fourth and youngest President of Senegal. 

It touches on his long march made possible, by holding on to his faith and principles of discipline and firmness, which led him to the helm of his treasured Senegal. An opportunity he does not take lightly, as he pushes through his emergence blueprint that is fast seeing Senegal as a developed nation on the cusp of a transformational breakthrough. It is apt that as he concludes his first term in office in February 2019 and prepares for the battle of his second term,Senegalese gets to know more intimately the man they often reproach for beingtoo rigid and nicknamed “Niangal” in Wolof. A nicknamehe somehow accepts as he himself accepts that he can come across as such fromthe outside. An image that is not helped by Sall being an expert in engineeringand geology with a very pragmatic outlook on life.

This book places Sall’s heart on the table for all to see the complexities that make up the man, Macky Sall. It is a story that connects the president’s past with the youth of today. It is a story of sacrifice, hardship, personal growth andpowerful dreams for the future, with many experiences and aspirations that mostchildren of the developing world can relate to. In the book, we learn about the harsh realities faced by Sall, like many other rural children such as walking many miles to get to school. An experience that led to his decisions to map out a greater life for himself and a trajectory of a bright destiny. He discusses his very sour relationship with his predecessor and then mentor, Abdoulaye Wade and all the political characters such as, the colorful character that is, Idrissa Seck who Sall has had clashes with.

From a child of Fouta of modest beginnings, to a man of the world, who refused to let “The nauseating remarks of [Abdoulaye] Wade” calling him a descendant of slaves and coming from a family of cannibals not define him; after Wade, the former President who mentored and guided Sall became furious at Sall for daring to runfor the presidency. Sall refused to bow his head low in his pursuit of abrighter tomorrow.

Wade’s unformed statements were the last act of revenge meant to push in the blowing daggerinto Sall’s heart for his supposed betrayal. Sall touches deeply about hisfamily ancestry, stating that it is rooted in Toro and Ngénar. “They knowthat I come from a line of famous and prestigious warrior nobles,” he says.

Macky Sall delivers a tone of perseverance despite adversity and failure in ‘Le Senegal au Coeur.’His journey is akin to the theme of a hero’s journey “a broad category of tales that involve a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed.” It teaches the future generation the importance of failure as something to learn from isimportant on the journey to success. But above all, it teaches us all the importance of a dignified life.


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