Keep calm! You can still marry Harry

Except that you can’t!

Because the handsome ginger who Queen Elizabeth’s grandson and fifth in line to the throne is now engaged American actress, Meghan Markle.

Kensington Palace announced the engagement today stating that the Prince proposed to Meghan in London sometime in November and has gotten her parents’ blessings.

The couple made their first public appearance since the engagement announcement and the princess-to-be showed off her stunning ring that was designed by Prince Harry himself. Yes he designed it himself!


Fayose is your favourite Santa

The Ekiti State Governor would be giving out Christmas dresses to about 10,000 children across the state.

Fun fact? The dresses will be sewn by tailors in Ekiti and the governor will be providing sewing machines to the tailors involved.

Thoughtful or not?


Mugabe’s retirement package will wow you

$150,000 salary until he dies.

$75,000 for his wife, Grace Mugabe

$5 million cash payment.

Zimbabwe will pay for medical care, domestic staff, security and foreign travel for the Mugabe family.

They will continue to live in their sprawling mansion called the Blue Roof.

And of course, Robert Mugabe gets immunity from prosecution.

We think man’s got himself a great resignation deal.


Guys, you really should be afraid 

This video of a humanoid robot, Atlas performing acts that are far from robotic got a number of people afraid for what the world holds now that it looks like robots are becoming smarter than the rest of us.

But while the sight of a somersaulting robot stopped our breaths, tech executive, Elon Musk dropped a warning we should all be paying attention to:


Ladies, would you say yes to a billboard proposal in Marina, Lagos?



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