LAGOS, Nigeria; 11th April 2018


“What are we going to do?” Sola, his fiancé, asked. Edwin had no idea. But he felt a bit relieved in the evening when he was driving to her house – he imagined finally getting married and waking up to her beautiful face every day. He had to make her happy

Before he got his first job, Edwin had always wanted to have a big wedding ceremony. He had hesitated for 3 years after getting a job, saving up for the right time but now that the time had come he felt like he had the weight of the world on his shoulder.

Edwin and Sola had started planning six months ahead, ensuring they ticked everything off their long list of needs and wants and now it was just 2 weeks to the wedding. He had purchased a very expensive ring because he knew his wife deserved the best, but he somehow managed to lose the ring. Edwin had searched every corner of his house for the ring, but could not seem to remember where he hid it.

Now everything was ready for the big day but no ring. It had been very hard breaking the news to Sola, but he had reassured her that he will purchase a makeshift ring for the big day until he could afford a better ring, the only problem was – he had spent all the money in his account for the wedding preparation and was down to his last N3,000.

In order to save the day, he needed N30,000 urgently for the ring he wanted. There was no hope of getting that money till he gets his next salary. He thought of calling his friend, Yakub for a loan till month end, but he knew it’s most likely he’s out of cash too.

Edwin drifted back to reality and noticed there was so much traffic in town that evening.

He watched a 10-second trailer for a movie on the LED advertising display and noticed how impressive, sophisticated and eye-catching these LED displays were.

The next ad read:

“I’m Low, I’m Red, I’m Rich, I’m Down, I’m Not Buoyant, Owu Na Sam, Ba Ku di, Owo Po Lowo Mi… However you say it, we understand, dial *901*11# to get payday loan now”.

“There’s no harm in trying,” he thought to himself. He picked up his phone and dialled *901*11# and followed the prompt. In a matter of seconds, he received a N30,000 credit alert on his phone, and he knew in his heart it was going to be a good evening.

With joy in his heart, Edwin smiled as he turned the bend heading for a jewelry store.


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