LAGOS, Nigeria; 20 August, 2017

This week’s edition of the Belfry Africa’s powered conversational series ‘The Ask Series’ was indeed a fascinating one as The Waterside Ikoyi hosted Fashion and Lifestyle Analyst Latasha Ngwube popularly known as Latasha Lagos. Latasha who has carved a niche in the fashion industry took the attendees on her very intriguing career journey and what she has achieved so far.

Speaking at the event, Latasha said, “I had always wanted to write for ThisDay Style magazine.” “Getting to finally see my name on ThisDay Style as a writer made me realize I had arrived,” she added.  Responding to how she has been able to manage her multiple talents of being a Fashion and Lifestyle Analyst, Creative Director/Editor and a Makeup Artiste, she said “I will best describe myself as preparation meeting opportunity as my multi-talents have helped to solve immediate problems on set especially when the people gotten for the job weren’t available.”

Latasha Ngwube

Talking about her body size and the motivation to starting ‘’About That Curvy Life’’ Latasha said, “Nobody has been able to successfully body shame me, never! I am proud of my body and I want other plus size women to be.”  Giving advice to younger ones, she said, “Young people need experience to get to that height they want to attain; they need to cling to mentors to learn.”

This edition of the series, Oladele Ogunlana played an amazing host carrying every single attendee along with the conversations. Other personalities who were in attendance were Azuka Ogujiuba, Idia Aisien, Nonso (Linda Ikeji TV), Chuey Chu amongst others.

As usual, the attendees enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions, network and enjoy the unique ambience of The Waterside Ikoyi.


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