Rochas Okorocha – the trendsetting governor

You need to give credit to a man like Rochas Okorochas, brimming with ideas and innovations like never before seen.

Haters will call Okorocha’s achievements stupid but we will distance ourselves from bitterness and will give the man double twalé, instead.

In Imo state where he governs, Rochas Okorocha named his own sister, Ogechi Ololo the Commissioner for Happiness and Couple’s Fulfilment. LOOL!

We do not fully understand her job description but hey, don’t we all want to be happy? Carry go, Mrs Ololo.

Quick question: how will she achieve couple’s fulfilment in Imo families?


What if Rochas Okorocha is on a mission?

TwitterNG users are curious yet unrelenting.

What if someone appointed Mr Okorocha to throw a clog in the wheel of the trending #EndSARS campaign?

See what people are saying:


Someone asked Pastor Adeboye a valid performance

Nigerians have been demanding scriptural justifications for releasing 10 percent of their income from spiritual leaders who propagate the biblical tithing system.

The General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor E.A Adeboye has been one of the most vocal in the tithing debate that has been fuelled by Cool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze in the last few weeks.

This Twitter user provides a new twist to the tale and we genuinely wish Pastor Adeboye will provide an appropriate answer to this.


See you in court, Daniel

Kiss Daniel has been sued to court for breach of contract by his former label, G-worldwide and we’re not even surprised.

It’s what artistes face at the hands of labels when they refuse to understand the terms of the contracts they sign. According to Kiss Daniel’s contract, the singer has no right to his own stage name in the event he leaves the label. This one is deep gan.

Trust Twitter to have suggestions:


Too much information, Cardi B. Too much!

Bodak Yellow rapper, Cardi B has apparently been celibate for the past 13 days. WOOW! 13 longggg days.

She could hardly hide her pain so she came to announce how life has been without sex. It’s been so bad her left eye hurts. Who would have imagined?

But a savage Nigerian walks in with a question we consider very logical:

We’ll take this one to bed!



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