LAGOS, Nigeria; 12th June 2018


In Nigeria’s male-dominated photography industry, Tosin Rufai, CEO of Teefal Studios, is making her mark as one of the top female portrait photographers – with a specialization in child photography.

With a Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology respectively, from the College of Staten Island in New York, a degree in Business Management from Shanghai University in China, in addition to a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Texas Tech, Tosin chose photography above all else.

After traveling the world and accomplishing her educational goals, Tosin decided to move back home to Nigeria to explore new opportunities.

Upon moving back to the country to explore new opportunities, Tosin was advised to go into the makeup industry but soon discovered she wasn’t made for that. She found herself more fascinated with the business side of the industry, as opposed to the artistry aspect so she delved into makeup distribution, which ultimately led to her foray into product photography, as she needed to take photos of the makeup items she was distributing, for marketing purposes.

Her love for photography began to blossom, especially when people began to commend her creativity. After rigorous training and numerous professional certifications in photography, she proceeded to fashion photography, event photography, and child photography. Her struggles to conceive, battling with infertility, and then finally becoming pregnant, were all pivotal experiences that would thrust her towards her true calling.

Her educational background in psychology, sociology, and business management, have set her apart from her peers. Countless clients trust her with their children due to her intuitive connection with them. Her business management acumen has also helped to ensure that her photography business continues to thrive.

Tosin Rufai, CEO of Teefal Studios, is a proud female, Muslim photographer that has broken numerous cultural barriers by virtue of being in this field of expertise. It is her hope that other women will draw inspiration from her story, and pursue their dreams with no limitations.


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