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Maltina School Games State Finals showcases talents

Maltina School Games State Finals showcases talents

With the Maltina School Games State finals concluded across Abuja, Lagos, Anambra, and Kano this week, many sporting talents have been unearthed and have qualified to proceed to the National Finals stage in Lagos from Monday, March 9, 2020, to Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

The Maltina School Games is a track and field school sports competition, hosted by the brand that chooses to believe in the Nigerian youth and share happiness—Maltina.

In partnership with the Nigerian School Sports Federation (NSSF), the Maltina School Games has inspired students across the country in the four states to compete across several sports categories, from 100m sprints, 800m, 4x100m relay, long jump, high jump, javelin to shot put and others.

Watching the Games, you cannot miss the determination in the eyes of the students. Umar Kabir Jibrin from SBS Dawakini Kudu fell while running his heat but that wasn’t enough to stop him — he picked himself up, kept running, and won his 100meters sprint.

When Zulaihat Muhammad Lawan from KGGC Minzibir’s form was off in her first long jump. The game master came to her aid and she ended up jumping further in subsequent attempts.

Maryam Idris Sani, a Health Education student at the Bayero University where the Kano State Finals was held, commented on how happy she was that the school sports competition allowed both boys and young girls compete.

It is awe-inspiring to see youth development happen right before your eyes — so fast that you cannot afford to blink so as not to miss it.

Then there are the naturals, those with nature given talent to excel at sports. Which is exactly what they do, competing in three different sports or more, pushing themselves to do better at every competition. Some end up first place with a shy smile and a drink of a chilled Maltina amidst the cheers of their fellow school mates and even other competitors from other schools.

That’s what sets the Maltina School games apart, every student is celebrated in competition, from the 1st placed to the 7th placed — they’re just happy to be there. You see their friendship blossom amidst competition, and you can’t help but feel a hope bubble up— a chance for the future of Nigeria.

A dream of seeing Nigerian students from all across the country come together sharing happiness in national unity through sports. With the school sports competition, Nigerian students finally have an opportunity to excel in track and field, and proudly represent Nigeria on international stages in the future.

The Maltina School Games is set to heavily impact Nigerian school students across the country, especially in the North, with vital international platforms like the BBC covering the State Finals in Abuja. You can read the story here.

Whether you wish to see the future of athletics in Nigeria, with new talents to represent our country on the world stage, or you hope to see young students from diverse backgrounds come together in national unity through healthy sporting competition, the Maltina School Games National Finals will be one not to miss.

For more information on the Maltina School Games, follow @Maltina on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and visit the website, www.maltina-nigeria.com for updates.


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