LAGOS, Nigeria; 30th April 2018


Security just as much as technology is a dilemma for both large corporations and end-users. Given that the major focus instinctively is the mirage that technology already encompasses security. There are multiple threads to this problem such as individuals being easy targets thereby becoming gateways to corporations and companies as a whole. Also, individuals often see security precautions as a restriction to getting their jobs done. To address these fundamental issues education and orientation is fundamental.

H@cks! is a security magazine published quarterly, that addresses issues around IT security and how they relate or affect companies, SMEs and individuals. This publication addresses the most common day to day IT security issues and has been carefully put together to appeal to a wide variety of individuals, regardless of age and orientation.

In addition to articles discussing on how to help you stay safe on the Internet, this edition also features an interview with the CEO of Trium, Deji Olowe on impact IT Security has on the enterprise.

The good news is, H@CKS! Is free.

Quickly head over to and get a free copy of your must-have IT security companion for the quarter!


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