LAGOS, Nigeria, 27 June 2016

Low oil prices and economic downturn has hit the hospitality industry in Nigeria very heavily. Hotels’ operational costs have gone up, but they have to keep prices for their customers at the same level. Independent small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) struggle more compared to large entities. In order to keep their revenue SMEs have to attract more guests to their hotels. However, “more of the old” strategy is not going to deliver that. They need new solutions. They need new tools that will help them unlock their full potential.

HotelOga brings new business solutions by providing booking management tools that channel reservations in one place. HotelOga provides bookings, creates websites, hosts domains and e-mails, facilitates payments, synchronizes bookings from multiple platforms and translate all that into one intuitive HotelOga tool.

Find out more: watch HotelOga’s video.

HotelOga also provides business advisory and helps hotel managers manoeuvre through difficult times. It is crucial for hotels nowadays to watch their costs closely and reach out to the market at low cost. HotelOga connects hotels with hundreds of Online Travel Agencies and helps them get more bookings. It is also essential that SMEs in the hospitality sector digitize – only that way can they use their full potential and ultimately, maximize their revenues. They need trusted advisors who would enable their growth.

HotelOga believes that digitisation of the African economy is one of the key components of its development. Its mission is to create an ecosystem in which the hospitality business would thrive and help the African market grow. HotelOga works for and with business people of Africa to help their companies prosper and maximize their revenue. HotelOga is a business advisor hotels can trust.


For HotelOga:


Agata Hinc
Public Relations Manager


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