LAGOS, Nigeria; 26 September, 2016

We know we need books to know more, become more, and lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Yes, we know books will expand our minds, thoughts, imagination and reality but to act (pick up the book) always seem the hardest. It may interest you to find out what FourthCanvas – a creative design agency – are trying to do about this.

Excerpts from official release below.

“In what is fast becoming the key activity of our evolving culture, we see reading and learning has the underlining of everything – that we are and that we may become. It is for this that the #6Books6Weeks Challenge we are putting together goes beyond our team and is open to everyone.

From the perspective of design – what everyone knows us to do best – we understand that it is a thing of the mind and the more we read the better we design. From our experience, design quality has been largely relative to exposure and what better form of same can there be than well-crafted thoughts, perspectives and experiences of great people like Stephen Covey, Jim Collins, John C. Maxwell, Richard Branson and the likes.

Far-reaching is the bigger goal of this – the development of the human mind. We are optimistic that with this challenge and the potential movement and culture wave, we are able to motivate ourselves and many more people –
including you – to take the necessary discipline to read books and develop our minds to take up bigger challenges and lead more fulfilling lives.

We will provide a guideline to assist registered readers with the challenge and there will be a review and thought-sharing session every weekend (physical meeting points in Akure and Lagos) with a corresponding group on
Telegram (a fast-growing WhatsApp alternative we have chosen so that people can be less distracted from side chats). The week reviews are intended to achieve a domino effect that results from different perspectives from
different people.

We are excited about what this may turn out to be – a huge community of knowledge-eager, happy, motivated and excellence-seeking people.

Joining the challenge is as simple as sending a mail to and you can look forward being a part of the FourthCanvas Reading Network. It may also interest you to know we didn’t have this exactly in mind when we came up with our “Mind meets Design” slogan for the agency but then it sounds so perfect right now.”


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