LAGOS, Nigeria; 20 August, 2017

Facebook has reported that more than 45 million people give birthday wishes to their friends and family on its platform on a daily basis.

Facebook has played a huge part in the way people celebrate their birthdays since its inception, and to ensure that the over 2 billion strong community are really able to celebrate the way they want on their special days, it has announced two new birthday experiences that will make birthday celebrations more meaningful than ever.

Ever since 2005, Facebook has been able to bring millions of people closer on their birthdays through various means. Some of the additions Facebook has added to its platform-over the years to ensure a great experience for members of its community include the ability to post on friends’ timelines, plan birthday parties and create birthday posts and videos.

With the addition of the Birthday Fundraiser, you will be notified by Facebook two weeks before your birthday-in your newsfeed-and you can do a fundraising which will be dedicated to a charitable cause. This isn’t to raise money for a birthday party, but rather it is to raise money for any of the 750,000 US-based non-profits on Facebook. This option is only available in the United States for now.

In addition to this, Facebook also announced the addition of personalized Birthday Videos for your top friends. This video will feature a photo of you and your friend along with a colourful picture frame, a delightful song, and a stylish transition. This video can be shared on your timeline, gifted to your friends and used in creating a more engaging, delightful and enjoyable experience for them on their special day.

Birthdays on Facebook are a celebration of love, family, and friendship and with these new additions, the variety of experiences that make celebrating birthdays on the platform fun and interesting has surely increased.


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