LAGOS, Nigeria; 27 March, 2017

Facebook is launching a new ad format, Collection to enhance buyers’ shopping experience on mobile devices.

Collection will increase the likelihood of discovery and purchase by featuring a primary video or image above relevant product images. Clicking on the ad will lead users to an immersive, fast-loading shopping experience on Facebook that can showcase up to 50 products at a time.

Tapping on a product will take the most interested people to a product detail page on a business’ website or app to purchase.

Three in four consumers say that watching videos on social media influences their purchasing decisions, which is why Facebook designed Collection. Brands like Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger already use Collection to drive sales with compelling videos.

Global sports brand, Adidas, used Collection to drive sales for its new Z.N.E Road Trip hoodie and complementary products, and saw a 5.3x return on ad spend.

“This new ad format has everything we need to introduce a new product and drive sales. We used Collection to showcase a video highlighting the technical features of the Z.N.E. Road Trip Hoodie. People who tapped on the ad were instantly taken to a full-screen shopping experience that included complementary Adidas products to complete the look. Collection has outstanding cross-selling capabilities, and we’ll certainly explore this new format again to inspire and increase sales,” said Rebecca Watts, Performance Marketing Senior Specialist, Adidas.

American fashion brand, Tommy Hilfiger, used Collection to bring its “See Now, Buy Now” fall 2016 launch to life on mobile and saw a 2.2x higher return on ad spend.

According to Avery Baker, Chief Brand Officer, Tommy Hilfiger: “Our mission was to democratize the runway and make every look immediately available to all consumers worldwide. We took our video assets to the next level, through integrating shopping functionality.
“Collection creates a consumer experience that reflects how current generations of digital natives interact with their favorite brands. The results exceeded expectations, generating an ROI increase of over 200%,” Baker added.

Get better insights about how people respond to your creative

To provide more insight into performance for marketers using ad formats, such as Collection and Canvas, that open into full-screen experiences, Facebook will start a test of a new outbound clicks metric over the coming weeks. In this test, outbound clicks will show the number of clicks leading people off of Facebook. The company hopes this offers marketers a clearer picture of people’s paths through the entire ads experience.

Marketers with ads that appear on Instagram will also see outbound clicks reported. At the beginning of this test, if an Instagram ad directs to a destination on Facebook such as a Page, marketers will see these clicks reported as outbound clicks.

As Facebook develops outbound clicks over the coming weeks, the company will apply the same filtering on Instagram that it does on Facebook to show outbound clicks only for clicks off Facebook-owned properties.

Collection will begin rolling out to marketers globally starting today. To get started with Collection, visit the Advertiser Help Center or contact your Facebook representative.






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