Photo-sharing app, Instagram now has over 1 billion monthly users and over 500 million of them are active on a daily basis. Millions of brands have learned that Instagram has become the best place to meet their customers as for most users, the app is their first go-to platform for checking and confirming the credibility of brands. If it has no Instagram presence, then it’s probably not worth it?

For many brands also, the first contact with customers happens on Instagram. Then, the relationship goes a step further when the said customer signifies an interest in the brand or product by hitting the follow button. Post likes are a form of endorsement and continuous engagement through comments and reposts help brands measure perception.

While others focus on building and maintaining a website, you can make Instagram your website. Here are five ways you can use the app to your advantage:

1. Post high-quality visual content: Instagram is predominantly visual, so brands need to ensure they use the best images from their compilation on the app. This requires the page handler to be intentional about usage by sticking to the same filter, fonts, and style. There is nothing wrong with choosing from the array of editing apps available to boost image quality. Using attention-grabbing visual content is just as important as making sure they are mostly original and communicate the essence of your brand.

This brand’s page is a lesson in coordination. It serves the brand’s purpose on first sight.

2. Use Instagram stories: The Story feature on Instagram is the newest obsession for users and that is exactly where you should be too. Unlike the Instagram feed, Stories are more flexible and allow for extreme creativity with each new update. You can allow the posts disappear after 24 hours or save them permanently as highlights. The best part? You can use the Swipe Up or See More feature on the Stories to redirect users to your website and gain traffic.

3. Tell a story: While your visual content speaks your brand values, let your written content i.e captions amplify the message. It is easy to share a great image that leaves your audience with more questions than answers but the real task lies in developing emotive captions that will leave a mark on their hearts and wallets.

That caption has not expressly sold Marrakech to you but wouldn’t you just love to visit?

4. Engage your audience: Customers will feel more at home with your brand when you engage them via comments and Direct Messages. Your page will be snubbed by users if you first snub them by ignoring their questions, inquiries, and comments. You can engage simply by liking comments, following a few back or dropping a ‘Thank You’ when they compliment your product. Customers will go on to promote your brand if they feel a sense of familiarity which you must have permitted. Other ways of engaging users are by getting them to participate in competition for freebies. Ask them to tag a friend or two to win a gift, and watch your page grow. The bottom-line is to be sincere. Deliver on every promise made.

5. Use the new IGTV: Instagram recently added a new feature that is basically YouTube but not YouTube. Now you can share hour-long video content that stays permanently on your IGTV. You can direct users here, have them subscribe and market your product for free.


Instagram offers limitless opportunities and the smartest brands are taking advantage. What’s stopping you?




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