LAGOS, Nigeria; 04 May, 2017

Comic Actor, Samuel Ajibola, popularly known for his role as Spiff in the TV series ‘The Johnsons’ has dropped another episode of ‘Dele Issues’ (Daily Issues) titled ‘Beggar’ last Friday, April 28th, 2017.

“Beggar” centers on a young cripple who sits by the road begging for alms. A passer-by takes pity on him and decides to give him a substantial amount of money – claiming that God instructed mankind to give without holding back. He is however shocked at the outcome of his generosity.

The web series, Dele Issues (Daily Issues), revolves around the main character; Dele, who always finds himself in rather awkward or ridiculous situations – resulting to him making some very funny decisions as to getting what he wants. Dele’s funny expressions always leaves the audience laughing effortlessly.

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