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Chike talks Stardom, Life and Love with MC! Magazine @officialchike

Chike talks Stardom, Life and Love with MC! Magazine @officialchike

Abuja-born music sweetheart Chiké Osebuka Ezekpeazu had the ladies and guys in their feelings, earlier this year, with his “Boo of the Booless” album, arguably one of the best albums to come out of 2020. Not slowing down, he proceeds to a new project, “Dance of the Booless” which he has just released.

In his interview with Men’s Lifestyle Magazine, MC! Magazine, for its July-Sept. 2020 issue, the singer talks about the impact of his internet-breaking “Boo of the Booless” album, the resultant yet unprecedented stardom, life, love, Covid-19 and everything else.

Considered one of Nigeria’s best songwriters at the moment due to his artistic, creative, top-notch and easily relatable music; he tells MC! Magazine that he credits his creative writing to people around him, the music he listens to, and research. He also cites music icons, Duncan Mighty and Dolly Parton as influences.

MC! Magazine describes him: “To any talent show contestant, he truly and indeed is the “dream come true”’.

“Before the “Boo of the booless” album, the superstar also tested the acting waters in 2017 by making his film industry debut with Battleground, the African Magic family drama.

Chiké continues to show us that a combination of character, teamwork, and vision makes the dream work”, MC! Magazine writes of him.

Read the full interview with MC! Magazine HERE!

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