LAGOS, Nigeria; 19th July 2018


Former Super Eagles and Everton Captain Joseph Yobo is set to launch a sports academy in Lagos and he has just earned the support of British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr. Paul Arkwright. The ambassador also expressed that the UK is committed to supporting the development of football in the country.

Set to launch this year, the sports academy is focused on the comprehensive development of the human capital.  The project goes beyond raising the next generation of Nigerian football talent but also providing academic and professional opportunities for those who might not make the cut.

Briefing the ambassador, Yobo said, “I was fortunate to have left Nigeria at the age of 17. I do not necessarily believe I was the best among the people I was playing around back then but I surpassed them because of opportunity.” The former captain said he often imagines what he would have become if he was not given the opportunity. He attributed this as his motivation for pursuing the project as against other career options after his retirement.”

Mr. Arkwright described the Academy as “a good cause” that he would personally advocate for. He acknowledged the role of football in peacebuilding and development and acknowledged the cultural ties between both countries in respect to the global sports.

The Academy promises to provide high-quality education and ethical training to raise disciplined and well-grounded sportsmen. The former Super Eagles Captain and the High Commissioner also discussed the just concluded FIFA World Cup and the lessons for both countries.


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