President Trump issues warnings of military strikes via Twitter

America’s busiest Twitter fingers, President Donald Trump was up to his usual business again today when he sent threats of missile strikes on Syria over Russia’s vow to shoot down any missile launched at the war-torn country.

Referencing Syrian president, Bashir Al-Assad as a “Gas Killing Animal”, Trump promises that the US will be sending “nice and new and smart” missiles to Syria.

Is anyone taking him seriously?

The Kremlins don’t seem to be that moved as a spokesman has said Russia will not take part in “Twitter diplomacy” with Trump.

In Miami-Dade, Florida, April 10 is officially #SopeAlukoDay

First, you might need some introduction.

Sope Aluko is Nigerian-born, American-based actress who shot to limelight following her role as Shaman in world favourite movie, Black Panther.

Now that you get the idea, you should also know that Sope Aluko has just had a whole day – April 10 – dedicated to celebrating her in Miami-Dade, the US county where she lives.

She was awarded a proclamation signed by the county’s mayor, chairman and vice chairwoman.

Go, woman! Wakanda forever!!

Ward heads in Kaduna get 10k appreciation fee for ridding the state of polio

The bigger news here is that Kaduna state is polio-free.

But to appreciate and encourage the 17, 139 ward heads who made this possible, the state government has announced a monthly allowance of N10,000. The token will also help them sustain the hard work and continually ensure that the state is disease-free.

How did Twitter receive the news?


Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson caught cheating and Twitter is aflame

A video showing reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend and baby daddy-to-be, Tristan Thompson publicly making out with two strange women has been all the over the internet all day.

According to TMZ who first released the video, the clip was recorded at a hookah lounge in October 2017, two months before Khloe announced her pregnancy with the NBA player.

Khloe’s baby with Tristan will be arriving later this month but now that it is clear that the man is a cheat, Twitter users have so much to say:



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