It started when Sterling Bank shared a brilliant yet jarring ad portraying its top rivals as retrogressive and archaic in their methods.

The ad showed Access Bank, GTBank, First Bank and Union Bank moving towards a goal, using their individual logos as their undoing. The far from subliminal ad immediately went viral on Twitter Nigeria today and has been the subject of conversations on the platform all day.

This Twitter user was the first to provide an enlightening analysis of the messages Sterling Bank clearly passed across with the ad:

Yes this is epic, but Sterling Bank was probably not ready for the comebacks from its targets:

Union Bank was the first to make a move:

Then Access Bank came back with a very wordy but scathing response:

The ‘drops mic’ gif was literal for Access Bank but Union Bank was far from done:

And another one, because the pain runs deep:

So, here comes First Bank (as the elephant takes longer to travel):

But that didn’t tap, so the team regrouped for this:


It has been a really long weekend for the digital teams of all the banks involved especially those of at GTBank who are yet to respond; but we can trust them to put an end to all of this when they finally decide to bless our timelines.

Trust that Nigerians have been having a field day and the reactions have been… we’ll let you decide:


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