It’s transfer season in Nigeria’s political clime

The transfer window is open and Nigerian politicians are making major crossover moves that will shape up our decisions in 2019.

Today, former Vice President and 4-time presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar made the switch to the opposition party, PDP three years after he swore APC was his final bus stop. Wheew, what a fickle-minded man.

Of course, TwitterNG had a few words for him:

Abike @Jollz It’s only God that will judge the marabout that told Atiku this Presidency thing na him birthright oh because that is the only explanation

APC Niger(ia) State @NigerAPC A political prostitute and opportunist will always remain a political prostitute and opportunist. has never fitted inn in APC. His political ideology is that of looting the treasury, while APC stands for something entirely different. Good riddance..”

Festus Keyamo, SANVerified account @fkeyamo The starting point of Atiku’s Presidential bid would’ve been to simply admit that he left APC in search of another party ticket. Nigerians know that already. It would’ve been more honourable than giving some zigzag reasons to justify his zigzag movements across political parties

Obasanjo has a disease he wants you to know about

Former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo today revealed he has been living with diabetes for the past 30 years.

How he has managed it and kept it from the public in the last 3 decades?

It’s simply efficient management of the disease, adherence to prescribed medications and of course, exercise – which is why he joined the diabetes awareness walk held by the Diabetes Association of Nigeria (DAN) in Abeokuta earlier today.

Oby Ezekwesili wonders about rap and rappers

Has it ever occurred to you how rap artistes do what they do?

Some of us consider them extra intelligent as stringing seemingly meaningless words together to make “bars” requires some rare talent. Turns out it’s not just us!

BBOG activist, Obiageli Ezekwesili has been thinking the same thing too so she tweeted:

How do Rap musicians string their lyrics together to create a comprehensible message? I find it fascinating when one has no clue what they are talking about but some folks shrieking with joy at every word. I mean something like “ The Dump dumped a Dump”. What’s that?

As the African rapper number 1 that he is, M.I came to the rescue:

Here’s for everyone who is still confused about consent and rape

It can’t be better spelt out than this, really.


Something to ponder on this weekend?
The dynamics of the relationships between men and women in this age can be a bit confusing. This Twitter user was seeking light on a burning issue and he asked thus:

Physical Therapist ® @PhysioNiyi I want to know certain things from the perspective of women. You chatting with a guy, even move to sexual talk, he invites u over to his place from lagos to Abuja (or London), are u going there just to see his face or probably sex might happen?

The responses are hilarious:

“>Oliver Ku$h    @official_oliver Replying to She’s probably going there to charge her phone”

ArsenalDNA @Bestdgooner Replying to  She may be going there to break egusi na or watch super story”

AkankeOniBedSheets @Cici_akanke Replying to Am going to see his 6 packs and take mirror selfies in his bathroom

We genuinely would never understand you Twitter people! Never!!