Meet Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s new President

Following former president, Jacob Zuma’s resignation of office after a 9-year corruption-plagued tenure, leader of ruling party, African National Congress, Cyril Ramaphosa has now been confirmed as South Africa’s president.

Ramaphosa, who was sworn in today after his nomination by Parliament, has pledged to be “a servant of the people…who will work hard not to disappoint…”

Becoming president is an achievement in waiting for Ramaphosa as he had hoped to succeed Nelson Mandela in 1999 but was denied that chance by the ruling party at the time.

South Africa’s new President, Cyril Ramaphosa was not only Mandela’s righthand man and an anti-apartheid activist, he is also one of the richest men in Africa, with Forbes estimating his net worth at $450 million.


Zuma resigns and Nigerians wonder what will become of his statue

Former South African president, Jacob Zuma bowed to pressure to leave office in a televised resignation on Valentine’s Day and as opposed to reactions from other Africans, Nigerians are mostly concerned about one thing.

Late 2017, Imo state Governor Rochas Okorocha unveiled a statue of Zuma, a president whose leadership was far from exemplary. Nigerians questioned Okorocha’s move back then and are doing the same again now that Zuma is out.

See the reactions:


There’s been another school shooting in the US

And this time, 17 people including students and teachers of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have died.

The shooter, 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz had been previously expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons.

Cruz opened gunfire on the school and got people to run out in confusion while he continued shooting. Disturbing footages of the incident was caught by some of the students on Snapchat.

While this shooting which is now one of the ten deadliest in the US has brought gun control talks to the fire again, US President Donald Trump has addressed the matter without for once mentioning the word “gun”.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s daughter is getting married but there’s a possible backstory

Early yesterday, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo took to Instagram to announce the “betrothal of his daughter Oluwadamilola Osinbajo to Oluseun Bakare”.

While this may come across for many as great news from the presidential family, others suspect foul play. They infer that the VP’s daughter marrying a billionaire’s (Shagaya) son has a political undertone, especially considering the billionaire in question is Muslim.

Is this the VP’s way of announcing his next political move? Or these Nigerians are just being unnecessarily cynical?


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