Content creation seems the easiest to do and introducing one’s self as a content creator is as easy as pie for many young people who work in media. After all, it’s nothing more than whipping out ideas, executing them and having a catalogue of work to show off.

But dear content creator, is your content really driving action? Are you gaining any engagement and talkability? At a time when there is a remarkable downturn in the attention span of internet users, content creators need to ensure they push out influential, actionable content to their audience.

How can you create content that will generate traffic, elicit conversation and maybe even cause conversion? Here are five tips that answer this question:

1. Know your audience: This is the best way to begin. Gain some knowledge of your readers, viewers, listeners etc. Find out their preferences, location, behavioural pattern and more by gauging their responses and disposition to subjects you raise. Don’t assume your audience enjoy relationship tips when it is in fact, money talks that they prefer.

2. Take advantage of trending topics: It is of great advantage to you to plug into trending conversations when creating content. By ensuring you project your distinct point of view on the said topic, your readers will know you are aware and able to hold an opinion. You don’t have to be an expert, you just need to bring a fresh perspective to the conversation.

3. Participate in the conversations you create: You will come across as standoffish if you post and exit but your audience will return if they are assured of your ability to engage. So, reply their comments, appreciate their feedback, answer their enquiries and whatever you do, just don’t leave them talking to themselves.

4. Invite niche personalities and influencers: Do a guest post or invite an expert to join in your podcast/vlog and this way, you will boost your credibility before your audience. Having an influencer contribute to your content is a form of endorsement that is bound to generate traffic as the personality will lead his or her fans to your page.

5. Be consistent: Fantastic content will not succeed if it trickles in occasionally. No one will remember that great post you put up four months ago; they will keep coming back only when they know you always have more to offer. Here’s how you gain trust, build your reputation and have a firm grasp on your audience.


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