LAGOS, Nigeria; 21st June 2018


You may have come across the buzz about Heineken’s new bottle label but chances are you are still confused as to what the hype is. Well, this article has come to your rescue; these are 5 things you need to know about the new label the Heineken bottle wears.

It’s A Celebratory Label

The new Heineken bottle label isn’t special without reason. The label was designed to celebrate Heineken’s remarkable achievement of being present in 192 countries in the world. ‘192’ number makes Heineken the world’s most international beer brand and the brand doesn’t have plans of slowing down.

Shazam and Watch

Much of the talk that has dominated the headlines concerning this bottle is its amazing new label which allows you to use the shazam app to scan it and unlock short videos from each of the country Heineken is present in. The “Shazam” app which is available on iOS and android is most popularly known for recording short audio sounds (i.e songs) and telling its origin.

This new partnership will now see both companies combine to deliver a bottle label that has never been seen before in this part of the world.

Watch and Win

Heineken will also be rewarding people who unlock the most videos weekly and will be setting up leaderboard to celebrate top performers during the run of the campaign. Top performers will be rewarded weekly and at the end of the campaign, some lucky winners will get the chance the experience the time of their lives with an all expense paid trip to amsterdam or 3 other european countries. Exciting right?

It’s a Limited Edition Bottle

Sadly, this awesome initiative by Heineken is not a forever something. The campaign will run from June 18th to August 31st and the new bottle labels will be discontinued by then. So if you want to get in on the action, you’d need to get to the next store available.

Drink Responsibly

While Heineken is excited to share their success with all their customers with this new bottle label, the brand is also aware of the implications of over-drinking. Hence, you can only unlock one new country every hour and a maximum of 6 in a day. Also, if it wasn’t obvious already, Heineken SHOULD NOT be consumed by minors under the age of 18.

So there you have it everything you need to know about this innovative, one of kind initiative by the world’s largest beer brand. Remember to drink responsible and download the shazam app to unlock as many countries as you can with the new Heineken bottle.


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