A large percentage of brands understand the importance of having a social media presence, but not many of them are fully maximising that presence. Social media goes way beyond merely sharing photos and text. it has now become extremely necessary for brands to engage with their audience.

There is an avalanche of content on social media every day and users equally more time on the internet now than ever. There is so much to see and feel, and brands now have to compete for attention. The efforts made by brands to be seen have become more difficult owing to social media sites (especially Facebook and Instagram) algorithms which filter content.

In the midst of this clutter, brands need to build a relationship with users through original and personalised content, hence driving conversion.

Here are 5 ways to increase engagement on social media:

1. Take advantage of live video: Most of the popular social media sites now have the Live feature. Live videos are great for events, product unveiling, information sharing among others. Live videos on Instagram and Facebook are inherently built for engagement, as viewers are able to interact by asking questions and sharing feedback that brands can immediately respond to.

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2. Use giveaways: Everybody likes freebies and giveaways are one of the best ways brands can get their audience to engage with content. Cosmetics and fashion brands and celebrities are known to create engagement by asking their followers to answer simple questions or tag other friends in a bid to win gifts. Users are encouraged to enter the competition by using special hashtags that lead other users back to the page.

3. Ask: Social media sites now allow you to ask questions and generate useful feedback without necessarily having to type up words. On Instagram, you can use the Poll feature on the Stories to get your audience to make choices or you can use the Ask Me a Question feature to get them to ask more detailed questions while you reply with well-thought-out responses. Twitter also has a Poll feature that allows users to vote for more than 2 options per poll. These features help brands to personally engage with their customers and also become more aware of their needs and opinions.

4. Take lessons from other brands: There are so many brands in your industry and others creating amazing content on social media and yielding great results. There is no harm in taking a few notes from them and building on it for your own social media plan. While it is advisable to draw inspiration from successful brands, you should make sure you do not steal or copy ideas.


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