Like everything else in today’s world, Public Relations is evolving and specialists in this field are tasked to acquire skills that will ensure their relevance.

In this age of improved connectivity through social media, it is not enough for people who work in PR to own traditional skills like creative writing, attention to detail and relationship building. While these remain super important, here are four additional skills that are required to succeed in PR:

Social media monitoring

It cannot be overemphasized that PR specialists must be highly proficient in the use of all social media platforms. Each of them varies in their functions, features, and appeal and therefore, must be handled with unique strategies. That said, PR specialists must be able to monitor the impact of their campaigns to determine if they have been successful. Social media monitoring also helps professionals to keep abreast of happenings, to find out how their brand is perceived among the audience, and to stay ahead of competitors.

Corporate journalism

Otherwise known as brand journalism, corporate journalism involves using the tools and style of journalism to tell a¬† brand’s story. While it is established that PR specialists must be adept at storytelling, it is important that the stories they tell do not read like marketing or advertising copy. Oh, you are trying to sell your product or service? Then don’t rub it in your potential customer’s face. Instead, tell them stories that are relatable, that give an insight into your brand’s culture and strike a nerve, hence turning them into not one-time but loyal customers.

Customer Relationship Management 

This refers to practices and strategies employed by an organisation to manage customer and potential customer relationships and interactions. The CRM helps PR teams work in sync with sales and marketing teams to achieve a common goal, hence PR specialists are required to have an understanding of how the software works and how to fully maximise it for the organisation’s advantage. In larger organisations where multiple campaigns are being run simultaneously, an understanding of CRM allows a PR specialist to have an aligned view of all his work, for optimal results.

Creative writing

Yes, it is a traditional skill that PR specialists should have but it is an all-important skill that never gets old. Although public relations practices have evolved, writing skills remain as important as ever. PR is about content and great content can only be achieved through good writing.


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